In 1904 Joseph Rowntree established three trusts bearing his name. His aim of a fair, democratic and peaceful society is taken forward by our work today.
Young girls playing on a street.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation's purpose is to inspire social change. The JRF is an endowed foundation funding a UK-wide research and development programme.

Protesters outside the Houses of Parliament.

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd. aims to correct imbalances of political power, strengthening the hands of individuals and organisations striving for reform.

Multi-racial hands linked together.

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is a Quaker trust which supports people who address the root causes of conflict and injustice.

Family of four walking out of the Folk Hall in New Earswick, York.

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust's purpose is to inspire and demonstrate social justice. JRHT is a registered housing association and provider of care services managing around 2500 homes.

The organisations' respective endowments originated in major donations of Rowntree Company shares gifted by Joseph Rowntree in 1904. Work by the Rowntree Society to summarise what is known about the company's operations in the 19th and 20th centuries sets out connections to systems of enslavement and forced labour. The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust; Joseph Rowntree Foundation-Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust group and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust are funding the Rowntree Society to carry out further investigations (follow links for further details).